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Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

Leader in Quality nomination among the social media listening tools according to AdIndex 2018, 2017, 2016

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Помогаем вам слышать клиентов

Brand Analytics покажет, что говорят о вашем бренде и конкурентах в социальных медиа. Что ценят клиенты, а что мешает покупке? Как воспринимают рекламные и PR активности? Есть ли проблемы с продуктом или обслуживанием? Какие новые предложения конкурентов вызывают интерес? Автоматический анализ данных и интеллектуальные оповещения помогут выявить возможности и угрозы вовремя.

Competitive advantages

  • Total control of information field

    Most complete range of social media and traditional media sources – in a single tool. You will collect much more references to your brand and won’t miss any important messages.

  • Monitoring without keywords

    Besides monitoring for set keywords, it is possible to collect and analyze messages without direct mentions – by check-ins and geotags, select authors, groups and Telegram channels.

  • Machine learning and linguistics

    Automated message sentiment recognition with 80-90 accuracy%. Machine learning algorithms categorize messages and discerns trends.

  • Solution of a wide range of tasks

    Many automated metrics and attributes will help at solving a wide range of tasks – from reputation control and real-time marketing to deep research.

  • Save time for data analytics

    High degree of automatization – automated tagging, filtering spam and irrelevant messages, notifications about reputational threats, customizable reports.

  • Simple and convenient interface

    Intuitive, designed around the “one click” principle. Even the most difficult reports can be done in minimal time.

  • Competent client support service

    Free tutorial and assistance on system operation. Consultations on solving your tasks.

  • Availability on any device

    Adaptive web-version, native mobile app, Brand Visor – dashboard for any type of screens – from CEO cabinets to situation centers.

Data Sources





    • Social networks:, Twitter, Facebook,, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
    • Blogs, forums, review sites
    • Telegram - channels and open chatrooms
  • Archive



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