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Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics: PR and Marketing Insights and Trends

A new type of marketing research by non-polling methods based on Brand Analytics

Actionable analytics is the study of categories and brands, drivers and barriers, consumers and influencers, responses and contexts. It transforms billions of public responses into actionable insights, while maintaining the consumer’s sincerity and offering benefits to businesses.

Types of Actionable Analytics

  • Ad Hoc research on Back Data
  • Regular tracking
  • Consulting

What are the benefits of Actionable Analytics?

Efficient marketing solutions across all depths. With any targeting parameters. Your actions are based on the understanding of the needs of many millions and every one in a million. Instantly! Incredibly!

By cutting off the unessential in a total flow, we enable insights to be captured.

Actionable Analytics saves your time and budget, freeing you from field work and limitations inherent to conventional methods.

The «Consumption and Image» practice

This practice is aimed at showing ways to improve consumer properties of goods, the quality of services and to empower brands.

  • Perception of goods through various stages of the user journey. Barriers and drivers
  • A brand in a competitive environment
  • Consumption contexts
  • Reach campaign efficiency
  • «Soft forecasts»
  • Action matrix

The «Audiences and Communities» practice

The objective of this practice is to provide a method for reinforcing relationships with brand audiences through their interests and drivers.

  • Identifying a target audience, experts and key opinion leaders. Interests and values
  • Their attitude towards a brand or category
  • Media coverage venues and patterns of audience behaviours on them
  • Developing options for reinforcing relationships with a stakeholder audience through their interests and drivers

What is unique about Actionable Analytics?

We are the only team integrated with the Brand Analytics system developers that conducts non-polling research of consumers’ opinions.

What distinguishes us from research agencies is a ‘mother-tongue’ level of system proficiency, a consulting approach and adaptability to clients’ business challenges.

Make Actionable Analytics a part of your market and consumer knowledge system!

Contact us by filling out the feedback form to discuss cooperation. Please, describe what the task is, who will use the research results and how, and leave your contact details.