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Monitoring social media and mass media for small companies
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BA Express will track all mentions of the brand, person or event in social and mass media and alert you of new messages in real-time mode. BA Express means the best quality of monitoring and the best price on the market – just RUB 8,500 per month.

Who needs BA Express?

ВА Express has been developed for companies having up to 1,000 messages published on them, per month. Monitoring will show each mention of the object, notifying one of new messages in order to address one's reputational threats.

Total control of information-space

ВА Express tracks all mentions of the object monitored in every source for you. These are social media like,, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.; blogs, marketplaces, review websites, Telegram channels, Yandex and Google maps, plus the online mass media.


ВА Express ensures the best quality of monitoring using a professional collection platform for only RUB 8,500 per month. This is the best offer on the market.

Easy to start

Just specify your email address and search query on your needed monitoring object and receive notifications of its mentions. If you have a complex monitoring object, our analysts will help you set up your search query.

Upon exhausting your demo access, make payment in any manner convenient to you: by bank card, electronic money, invoice, etc. Keep using ВА Express.

Easy to use

Receive alerts of new posts by email in the manner convenient to you: as soon as the mentions are posted, or once a day. Review statistics of monitoring-your object mentions and export data from the web-interface for subsequent analysis.

Questions & Answers

  • How does BA Express differ from Brand Analytics?

    BA Express has been optimized to handle small number of mentions (up to 1-2 thousand per month), while Brand Analytics is designed to track and analyze large volumes of mentions (from several thousand to several million per month). BA Express analytical functionality has been simplified to the maximum, to be relevant for in-depth analysis of trends on the basis of large data volumes. Interface simplification has made it possible to make real-time monitoring more user-friendly, fast and accessible.

  • In what languages does BA Express track mentions?

    BA Express tracks mentions in Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldavian (Romanian), Uzbek and Tatar.

  • Over what period can data be collected in ВА Express?

    If you are in the demo version of BA Express, you can collect data for the last 7 calendar days from the date of topic creation. If you use a commercial BA Express tariff, you will be able to create topics with a retrospective of up to 30 calendar days.

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