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Media monitoring

Modern mass-media monitoring:
realtime, AI-analysis,
smart notifications,
mobile app

Operates on Brand Analytics Available for tariffs starting with «Startup +»

Brand Analytics system includes a dedicated solution for mass-media monitoring and analysis. It is a modern realtime AI-based analytics system with transparent metrics, trends, story-grouping, auto-tagging by topics, end-to-end filtering and presentation reports. With the help of our user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android you can receive timely notifications about important publications or events around your chosen brand.


Our base contains more than 45 000 «live» mass-media:

  • Information agencies and online media
  • TV and radio transcripts
  • Federal and regional press
  • Paid news agency feeds
  • Sites of companies and of government institutions

Original sources available in system for TV and press – videos and PDF-versions for publications.

Publication analysis

Collected mentions are automatically analyzed and enriched with metadata:

  • Messages are grouped into stories
  • Publication’s object sentiment is recognized
  • Automated tagging with criteria set by the user: by topics, persons, news events
  • Recognition of people and companies, automatic rating compilation

Mediapresence index

Mediapresence index is a metric that shows how well your brand is covered by the mass media in a chosen period of time – in a single number.

Index accounts for role of the object in a publication and how influential the source that does the mention. It is a transparent instrument for measuring the effectiveness of your PR and media relations.


Flexible notifications for all kinds of events: for mentions in federal and/or regional media, specific publications, or mass-media group, for any changes in discussion’s direction or tone. It all is within a hand’s reach: in our smartphone app, your telegram, or email.

Reports and subscriptions

Automated reports in a presentation format can be generated by any set of information without any limitations by number of downloads or subscriptions. You can customize information included in a report according to your business tasks.

Mobile app

Mobile application provides a 24/7 access to real-time analytics. Instantly receive any company-important publications to make preventive management decisions. Customizable smart notifications for any changes in a company’s information field.

Brand Analytics
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