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Collection of new messages per month, including deleted topics
Number of topics
Automated marking of topics (tags per topic)
Monitoring of social media and online mass-media
Monitoring by message text, recognized image text, video description, check-ins, stories
Monitoring of newspapers, magazines, TV
Search in the archive Y/Y*
Automated ratings of persons and companies with respect to each topic
Brand Visor is a dashboard for top management

* The “Search in the archive Y/Y” functionality makes it possible to quickly assess the statistics of mentions of any subject in social and mass media for the last year at no extra charge. The number of objects is not limited.

All tariffs cover the following features

Data collection, and response

  • Social media monitoring: social networking sites, blogs, forums, review websites, channels and public chats in messengers, comments in the mass media
  • Monitoring of Russian and foreign online mass media
  • Monitoring of selected authors and groups without key words
  • Geolocation monitoring by geo-tag and check-in
  • All types of message sorting by key metric to identify the most important messages and respond
  • Answers to social networking sites from the system:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LiveJournal
  • Unlimited number of system users with different access rights

Work automation

  • Automated signaling system to alert you of important events by email or in Telegram: increased negativity, messages from an opinion leader, etc.
  • Automatically configurable reports in corporate presentation design in Word, PDF formats to be sent to email according to a configurable schedule
  • Automated marking (tagging) of messages by assigned search words
  • Automatic deletion of irrelevant messages, topic-specific spam filters
  • Teamwork with the use of tasks

Automated analytics

  • Automatic identification of message sentiment with 85-90% accuracy
  • Automated reports with respect to sources, authors, communities, geography, geolocations, topics, popular words, links
  • Automated competitive analysis by key metrics and demographic and geographic perspective
  • Any analytical snapshots with calculation of integral indics, statistics and the possibility of generating an automated report
  • Automated identification of media-space trends: persons, companies, most frequently quoted publications
  • Extended message metadata scope: number of comments, likes, reposts, reviews, engagement, duplicates, assessments for feedback, presence of aggression.
  • Extended message metadata scope: number of comments, likes, reposts, reviews, engagement, duplicates, assessments for feedback, presence of aggression.
  • Data export in Excel, CSV, JSON formats for post-processing

All tariffs envisage monitoring in Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldavian (Romanian), Uzbek and Tatar. The use of additional languages can be agreed upon individually, upon request.

A partner program, including discounts is offered to agencies,. Offer details are available upon request.

Free services for customers

  • Customization of the first two monitoring topics for the customer
  • Training program and certification
  • Customer advice and support
  • Connection of new sources, as and when required by the customer: up to 10 websites per month,
    sources with RSS – without limitation

Analytical support


Individual analytical support in working with the system

The service is provided by an expert analyst assigned to you, during business hours, in the format convenient for you: messengers, phone, email.

The service includes full “turnkey” system setup to efficiently handle your business tasks, and further support in operating the system:

  • Creation and setting up of monitoring topics (up to 5 topics every month)
  • Setting up automated tags and personal filters (up to 10 tags and 10 filters per topic every month).
  • Creation of subscriptions for automated reports: information content, frequency, report format and composition of recipients are set up.
  • Creation of alerts of important posts or changes in the brand’s information space in accordance with tasks and KPIs.
  • Setting up dashboards in Brand Visor (provided that the “Expanded” tariff or higher is used).
  • Creation of users, and setting up levels of account access for your company employees.
  • Consultancy on all issues related to working in the system.

Acquisition of retrospective data

Cost of retrospective data acquisition, per topic, RUB/month
Acquisition depth is from the date of project launch
Topic volume up to 4000 messages per month
up to 4000
up to 20 000
up to 100 000
up to 5 000
messages per month
up to 20 000
messages per month
up to 100 000
messages per month
last 12 months 15 000 22 000 33 000
more than 12 months 25 000 35 000 45 000

When subscribing to Brand Analytics, a collection from the archive for the last month is available. In tariffs starting with «Startup +», a deeper fee is available - for the last 12 months. The amount of the free fee for the year depends on the tariff: for the «Startup +» tariff - up to 10 000, «Basic» - up to 50 000 messages, «Expanded» - up to 175 000, «SP5» and above - up to 500 000.

In other cases, the collection of retrospective data is paid. The cost depends on the depth of collection and the volume of messages per month.