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Our team

We don’t know the exact percentage, but we’re certain that the greatest share of IT product success lies with its team. In our case, that’s definitely true.

We are grateful to all of our designers, product owners, linguists, testers, Big Data analysts, customer relations specialists... to all of our super professionals for having chosen us and our project. We are always open to new suggestions.

Brand Analytics Management Team

  • Natalia Sokolova

  • Vasilii Chernyi

    Director for Marketing
  • Grigorii Ostrovskii


Customer Relations Department

  • Marina Popova

    Head of the Sales Department
  • Svetlana Verklova

    Deputy Head of the Sales Department
  • Denis Ladoshkin

    Senior Analysts
  • Sergei Dvurechenskii

    Head of Customer Service
  • Valentina Mysheva

    Lead Customer Service Manager
  • Ekaterina Arkhipova

    Head of Technical Support
  • Venera Bulatova

    Head of the Financial and Contract Department

Research Department

  • Aleksandr Lebedev

    Head of the Customer Analytics Division